Three Reasons Why The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Matters Written by Patrick on October 1, 2019

1. Savings in the Healthcare Industry

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is estimated to save the healthcare industry $300 billion: According to the BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, the average American spent $4,342 on healthcare in 2017. Remote monitoring enables patients to be monitored at home, increasing flexibility and decreasing hospital admissions and reducing costs. If you would like to learn more, MedFuse is hosting multiple sessions discussing this topic:


2. Healthcare is Consumer-Based, Representing a Large Volume of Devices

By 2020, 40% of IoT devices will be used in the healthcare industry: 70% of top-selling wearables are actually dedicated to health and fitness. Products like smartwatches, electronic skin patches, and glucose monitors have taken the health industry by storm and in certain instances, saved the lives of many. These devices not only collect and analyze enormous amounts of data, they can inform users about their state of health. If you would like to hear more, MedFuse is hosting multiple sessions discussing this topic:


3. Security Is A Special Concern In IoMT Specifically

IoMT Security: IoT brings increased connectivity to all markets and industries. IoMT not only accelerates medical progress but also enables refined treatments. According to FROST & SULLIVAN, by 2023, the healthcare security market is expected to grow significantly – up to $8.7 billion. Although all devices are strictly regulated, any device with an IP address can connect to unsecured networks and be subject to attacks. Having comprehensive and integrated end-to-end solutions for IoMT is key. MedFuse is starting a conversation around this topic:



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