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Why The World Needs MedFuse

Chaotic Problem and Solution Set

Medical Device and Equipment Design and Healthcare Services are becoming increasingly intertwined through the usage and emergence of “IoMT” or the “Internet of Medical Things.” This includes:

  • • Medical Devices,

  • • Equipment,

  • • Wearables,

  • • Remote Diagnosis,

  • • Eldercare Assistive Equipment & Monitoring,

  • • Home Healthcare,


…Which is increasingly being analyzed by the myriad of mathematical methods and cloud computing systems used to compare, predict and find insights within a particular type of data. As innovation accelerates, we have to find out a way to keep pace!  We believe the best way to do this is to bring together the various types of stakeholders across the healing arts spectrum to work together as a community – including:

  • • People who work in hospital operations management,

  • • Eldercare and senior living innovators,

  • • Pharmaceutical operations specailists,

  • • Doctors,

  • • Nurses,

  • • At-home healthcare specialists,

  • • Pharmacists,

  • • Payers and healthcare administrators,

  • • and others who work across the spectrum of the healing arts,


MedFuse Aims to Create The Right Face-to-Face Culture

Along with folks who are creating and innovating the technologies, including data scientists, engineers, cloud software developers, IoT engineers, network operators and more.

We Invite you to join us and contribute to this fascinating conference to discover and create “collaborative insights” which have not been previously discussed.  We believe in the power of bringing the right kinds of innovators and people together to build a clearer picture of where the world is going to be in the near future.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Who We Are

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KConfs LLC is dedicated to producing knowledge-sharing focused conferences and workshops chaulk full of high-quality information and skill-building content which advances individuals’ careers, technology and society at large.


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How Did We Come About

KConfs is the producer of MedFuse, a nationally recognized Internet of Things Focused Conference headquartered in our hometown of Minneapolis.



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