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MedFuse March 2021 Speakers

About MedFuse

Began in 2018 in the heart of both healthcare and medical device design, Minnesota – was founded to help those in the healthcare industry, including administrators, doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients – connect together with designers, product managers, engineers, developers to better understand the future of where connected health and telehealth will take us.

Healthcare and medicine is extremely complex, as it is a system of processes and procedures designed to serve the needs of biological systems, our bodies, and humans, who we all know as humans ourselves – can be incredibly psychologically complex. Focusing solely on technology, which engineers and developers are apt to do – is not enough. There is a need to understand both the medicinal, scientific, biological desired outputs that the technology we create should be designed to serve, as well as the administrative, bearucratic measures in place designed to keep people safe, keep devices and supplies consistent and to bring overall optimized public health benefits.

Likewise, it is not enough for those in the healthcare industry to simply rest on our laurels in terms of driving or influencing how technologists design things, software and processes. With an aging population in the United States, and indeed the world as a whole, and with increasingly scarce healthcare resources, due to an increasing world population and other factors, it is our obligation as healthcare practitioners to help show those engaged in information technology what is needed to be built, and why. It is the obligation of healthcare practitioners to help serve future patients by understanding, at least on a surface level, a realistic picture of what future technologies may be able to bring our patients, and to help direct how those technologies may better serve our patients, rather than hurt them.  This of course includes discussions on patient diversity, differences in gender, individual patient choice, the healthcare and psychological needs of caretakers, doctors, nurses and patients, to help bring about technologies that help, rather than harm.

MedFuse continues as an online experience, and as a community dedicated to helping move important Internet of Medical Things and Telehealth conversations forward. We run regular events with a wide variety of interesting speakers to help highlight advances in both practice and technology, specifically within the field of connected health and telehealth. By joining MedFuse, you not only gain access to all of the previously recorded talks and workshops associated with MedFuse, you also gain access to our other parallel, Internet of Things and technology focused communities, including IoTFuse and

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