A Way Forward Together. Applying systems thinking to engineer a solution to Healthcare.

Room 203AB

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


A person’s lifestyle and social determinants influence 60% of health outcomes, yet little has been done or accomplished to solve this challenge despite a rising awareness and eagerness from each stakeholder to solve for it.
We believe that by recognizing each component affecting an individual’s health as a part of a larger system, taking into considering cause and effects, we will gain a better understanding of the emergent situation and hence be able to devise solutions that address the health needs of the individual.
Please join us in this workshop to figure out ways to breakthrough one of humanity’s most wicked problem. What we ask for is your passion for the mission and the application of your mind. It is your unique skill and ideas, no matter what they are , combined with others’ will create the architecture of the system of the future that will work.

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