Building Hardware Is A Journey

CMU 324

9:15 am - 9:45 am

Meet the Speaker

HabitAware’s Keen is the world’s first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behavior tracker. Keen senses your behavior and sends a vibration, helping you develop awareness and take control of these and other subconscious behaviors such as hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting and
thumb sucking.

Building hardware is a journey:

From idea to market, there are a dozen paths to take. We’ll share the paths we took to move from idea to launch, to generate demand, and to come to market on a limited budget. We’ll also share common manufacturing pitfalls and how we dealt with or avoided them.

About HabitAware: is a HAX hardware accelerator program alumnus that is helping people with mental health disorders take control, including one of their founders! Our flagship invention, Keen, is aimed at the 30+ million Americans for whom compulsive hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, nose picking, thumb sucking & other body focused repetitive behaviors are a life-altering issue. Keen is a smart bracelet that a user trains for the specific movement of the unwanted behaviors. When Keen senses a match, it vibrates to bring the user to awareness so they can affect change.

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