Connected Hearing and Health Care

Room 203AB

9:15 am - 9:45 am

Data & Systems

There are significant changes in health care happening now that present key opportunities for the hearing industry. First, there is substantial growth in the number of individuals who now have benefits that cover hearing aids and exams; the Medicare Advantage market alone has seen a 600 percent increase in enrollees since 1993, and it is predicted to increase its number of plans by 8–10 percent a year for the foreseeable future. This means that more people with hearing loss will have access to affordable care. It also means hearing providers will see more insured patients. As a result, hearing health practitioners are struggling to keep up with this new demand, especially independent practices who are looking for tools, resources, and the support they need to align and comply with health insurance protocols and regulations.

In January 2019, Amplifon launched a pilot program to introduce performance-based reimbursement to the hearing provider network. In this first phase, the performance-based component shifts the focus from dispensing hearing products based on fees, to delivering services and products that best meet the individual needs of each customer and their level of benefit. Moving forward, Amplifon will continue evolving its reimbursement model to include more quality, outcome-based, and satisfaction measurements.

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