Nanotechnology in Medical Devices: Present and Future

CMU 303

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

This talk will a) survey the ways in which nanotechnology is currently being applied for biomedical objectives, and b) look into potential nano-enabled medtech in the near future. Current nanotechnology-based medical solutions include passive devices such as neural monitoring and biosensing; active devices such as neurostimulation and chemical pumps; specialized biomedical materials to allow for in-vivo sensing, imaging, and therapies; and drug delivery techniques based on specialized nanoparticles. Based on current practice, we will look at likely future developments in these technologies.

I will also present a brief summary of the Minnesota Nano Center, which functions as a maker space for developing nanoscale devices and materials. The Nano Center is open for use by researchers from industry and other academic institutions. More information is available at

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