A Practical Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Medical Device Security

Room 205AB

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Data & Systems

Ordr brings order to the chaos of managing the inventory, risk, security, and usage of Medical Devices in a Health Delivery Organization. Our technology allows for a crawl, walk, run approach to addressing the necessary steps needed to fully secure environments with Medical Devices. The approach is:

Crawl: Automatically and Passively Discover, Classify, and Categorize all of your devices, and to share this information with Inventory Management Systems, if desired.

Walk: Learn all of the behavior profiling of these devices at a micro and macro level to baseline what good behavior is. Also, map out any vulnerable embedded operating systems, recalls on devices, vulnerable software, and any current security issues.

Run: Leverage the learned behavior to take protective action inside of the environment. When you can protect a host system with agents or software, you have to protect the system with the network. Ordr works with your network infrastructure, firewalls, and NAC tools to apply Micro-segmentation based security controls for your devices.

Now, everything is in Ordr!