Re-imagining Management of Chronic Heart Failure—Hospital-to-Home

CMU 323

10:15 am - 10:45 am

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Over six million are diagnosed with heart failure in the United States. 1.1 million will be admitted to the hospital each year. 25% of those will be readmitted within thirty days, and 50% within six months. CMMS has implemented punitive reimbursement holdbacks for hospitals that experience readmission rates that are too high.

Much attention has been focused on reducing 30-day readmissions—it’s where the money is. It’s a bad idea and it’s not working. Financial incentives are still poorly aligned to improved outcomes. The technologies relied upon to monitor and manage patients outside the hospital are not producing clinically actionable data that engages patients, care providers, and payers.

Cardiac Profiles utilizes a novel combination of two simple pulse oximeters and a single lead ECG in FloWave which enables a highly nuanced characterization of CV Preload, Contractility, and Afterload, providing both status and trajectory of resting and exercising patients. The simplicity, low cost and clinical utility of the technology will catalyze the development of a more fully integrated heart failure management platform–hospital-to-home.

While six million may have been “diagnosed” with heart failure, many times that number are living with compromised cardiovascular function—completely unaware that they are on their way to heart failure. It’s time to reimagine technologies that can safely and inexpensively enable strategies for earlier detection and more effective intervention for patients with compromised cardiovascular health and heart failure.

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