Smart Therapy Management for Value Based Care

Room 205AB

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Data & Systems

In the continuing move towards value-based and outcomes-based care business models, medical device and pharmaceutical companies have the potential to drive significant costs savings but often require systematic changes and support beyond the device and beyond the pill to realize the true potential. This session will illustrate what Therapeutic Transformation is and how it can be used to bust through these barriers to commercialization and adoption that is needed for success in value-based care environments. We will walk you through how to look at connected solutions, how to test the technology with your customers and how to build evidence for market adoption and payment aligned with outcomes and value-based business requirements. Attendees will benefit from 2 use case scenarios – 1) involving a company that is converting a non-connected therapeutic device to a complete connected rehabilitation-at-home solution after surgery, 2) involving another company that has connected its airway clearance therapy device and provided unique and valuable care-coordination-services between patients and caregivers for at-home management of chronic respiratory disease.

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