John Condon

John Condon
  • President
  • Company: Innovative Design Labs Inc.

Mr. John Condon (M.S.E.E) is the President and founder of Innovative Design Labs (IDL), a Minneapolis based R&D firm. He specializes in the development of embedded systems, sensors, and data fusion and is passionate about creating impactful solutions with talented diverse individuals. IDL’s mission is to create affordable and effective products that improve people’s lives. Under Mr. Condon’s leadership, IDL develops emerging technologies such as wearables, mm-wave radars, and real-time embedded computer vision systems to tackle issues related to Alzheimer’s, Low-Back Pain, Cerebral Palsy, and Spinal Cord Injury, to name a few.

Just do what you’re told: Developing a system to increase compliance using sensors and health coaches.

President's Room

Just Do What You’re Told: PT Monitoring and Health Coaching