Kashif Riaz

Kashif Riaz
  • Director of Data Engineering
  • Company: Securian Financial

I specialize in designing and oversight of large-scale data analysis and data platforms that focus on Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and search frameworks. My strengths are collaboration across organization within technology and business partners. I have worked on numerous migration initiatives from the legacy systems and algorithms to the modern state of the art systems without disrupting customers experiences and managing tactical and strategic approaches.
I have extensive experience in working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to communicate complex requirements for technology teams. I have led technologists and individually worked extensively in building and designing large scale content management systems, data transformation and data storage frameworks for AI and machine learning based systems. Most of these systems have multi-million dollar budget. For example, Cloud migrations or legacy mainframe to modern workflow systems. My academics, domain knowledge, and practical architecture experiences help me to connect dots between R&D, technology teams, and business owners. The most rewarding part of my job is working with amazing people who teach and guide me to come up creative solutions under pressure.
I am passionate about community service and solving societal problems. I am actively involved in academia and other areas to reduce human trafficking and sex slavery. I architected a cognitive computing based platform for researchers, NGO, and other interested parties to collaborate in this area.
My academic endeavors entailed building machine learning and search solutions for underrepresented human languages because of the unique challenges presented by them and not encountered while processing English text. For example, building machine learning and search solutions for Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Hindi, and Urdu to name a few.

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