Tom KraMer

Tom KraMer
  • President & CEO
  • Company: Kablooe

WHAT I DO: I am a professional product development expert with over 25 years of experience that helps companies who are developing new products achieve impact in the marketplace by providing creative, research backed, design driven innovation and development services.

WHY IT WORKS: I use design thinking and usability research to create a solid platform for innovation work that is user centric. With design driven development as a strong foundation, surprises and guesswork in the process are reduced, freeing up more time and resources to create true innovation.

WHY IT MATTERS: If your product has fabulous customer adoption you will be able to have the positive impact on lives that you are hoping for.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: “One of the main reasons that I continue to use Kablooe is because they understand the engineering aspects so well. They don’t just conjure up a pretty enclosure or user interface. Their designs take into account internal workings, environment aspects, materials, plastic mold designs, and so forth. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them carry a product from start to finish. The Kablooe team is fast and detailed. Our partners love their design.” John Tischer, Rapid Diagnostek

Specialties: Medical Device Design, Industrial Design, Usability Research, Product Development, Mechanical Design and Engineering, Pilot Production, with emphasis on medical devices. Managing and facilitating the strategic design process for product development.

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